— Physical, Human Interactive Tours Using All 5 Senses —

As an Apartment Realtor (not Locator), experiencing Life necessities like "housing" is just as important as planning for it.

Sure, a person can Google, text and call to find their next apartment, but where's the fun in that? Let me refer you to your next apartment through one of our upcoming group apartment tours.

Or, if you're not looking at the moment, come enjoy human interaction that can lead to possible new friends and relationships with people who are.

Schedule an available spot on the following calendar date that works best for you! Looking forward to meeting you.


Your Apartment Realtor (not Locator)


  1. See your next apartment
  2. Feel the ease of modern apartment living
  3. Hear new perspectives from one property to another
  4. Smell the deliciousness of the post-tour lunch
  5. Taste local restaurant fare for post-tour lunches
North Austin Schedule - July 28th Apartments:
  • The Standard at Domain
  • Gallery at Domain
  • IMT at The Domain
  • Paul Martin's American Grille
    (Lunch destination subject to change before June 10th)

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