Change Before, Change Again (Maybe Even More Change to Come?)

Searching for apartments has changed over the decades for Renters. Additional fees, requests for more personal information, security / bond deposits and all of the above for pets generally wasn’t widespread across the industry 10 years ago. However, over the last few months, given the current state of affairs, change has stretched across a different spectrum and […]

3 Top Benefits of Vast Apartment Growth in Austin, TX

Whether it’s the glorious weather, friendly people, or the emergence of its food scene that’s contributing to the development expansion in Austin, the city continues to be a rapidly growing community. With an evolving sense of community and character, Austin welcomes those from all walks of Life. If you’re raising a small family or attending college on the buddy system, […]

What to Expect Before Renting an Apartment

There are many variables, views, points and practices that will vary from property to property. However, the following points are ones that we’ve noticed seem to span across most apartment complexes or are beginning to look like a trend. We’ll update this post from time to time as we learn/notice more points that could be of value, […]

Rent Apartments or Purchase A House? How the Choice Is Based More On Preference Than Being Right or Wrong

The age-old question continues as frequently today as it ever has before: Which is better: renting an apartment or buying a home? In short, we say: it depends on you. Choosing to live in apartments or houses is a personal preference influenced mainly by: Your environment Events/Experiences that are happening in your life Current personal/professional responsibilities Demands […]