Premises Trends Report

“How’s the market?”

Should you purchase or invest now or later? Should you fix and flip, pursue a short-tem rental strategy or hold over time?

Most people make this decision on pricing alone — but is a pricepoint enough to make the right decision for you?

The answers to these scenarios can change based on pricing and behavior trends. Property prices provide information. Trends provide actionable intelligence.

Understanding the Market

Being part of the Premises Trends community helps its members understand the current market in the following 2 ways to assist with their individualistic approach to buying and investing in the real estate market.

Premises Trends Report

Weekly Calls

Premises Trends Report + Weekly Live Calls for Austin, TX

For the introductory price of $250 a year, gain growth and declining data trends, a gauge on if we’re currently in a Seller’s or Buyer’s market and weekly updates for 10 of the highest-density zip codes in Austin, Texas.

In addition to real-time report data, join a community of other interested buyers and investors on a weekly, live call covering a range of topics including market rates and lending variables that could impact purchases in the current market.

Report Highlights

Reports of the Top 10 Zip Codes in Austin, TX (based on population density)
– Updated weekly –

Real-Time Market Profile

From the current median home price, average days on the market to Price Decrease/Increase percentages and properties relisted percentages – know the market in real-time.

Median List Price Charts

What have people been listing their homes over the last couple years? Gain insight to the pricepoints hitting the market and determine if you should take action now or another time.

Pricing Increase/Decrease Charts

Are prices continuing to trend upwards or downwards in a particular area? What percentage of change has occured over time? Get these answers and more on weekly basis.

5-Year Trends

Why only have the previous year’s data for your evaluations and decision-making process? Gain more long-tail data to help make more educated decisions for your real estate goals.

Introductory price of
$250 per year

Enjoy the introductory pricing of $250 per year as we continue to build, update and grow the Premises Trends Report.

By subscribing today, your subscription will be grandfathered in as we continue to add new features, integrations and data sources!

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