Vhome View is a premium offering of virtual engagement experiences of apartment floorplans & layouts that help future renters view, evaluate and measure a space for moving & relocation planning (currently only Austin, Texas and surrounding areas).

With uncontrollable factors such as increased traffic, socioeconomic influences beyond one's control and competitive amenities across growing cities, prospective tenants are finding more ways to search for their next place to call home online.

Vhome View aims to complement existing marketing efforts to reach these potential renters and connect with them regardless of circumstance or geographic location.

Let us help you connect with future renters by getting started today.



Vhome Views are virtual engagement tours of a specific layout for (prospective) renters to view, evaluate and measure a space for planning purposes.

The main difference between Vhome View and a 3-D model is real-world detail - real enough to comfortably determine one's next steps.



Apartment properties who leverage Vhome View benefit from helping renters explore apartment living options from locations most convenient for the prospective tenant.

Vhome View enables multiple tours of available options at any given time - no lobby wait times or neglected (potential) renters.

Providing virtual engagement interactions streamline the search experience for prospective renters and empowers properties to continue attracting future residents.



One monthly amount - regardless of floorplan size.

Whether a 1, 2 or 3-bedroom floorplan Vhome View, the monthly amount remains the same. The only consideration is the plan tier that works best for your property and Marketing objectives.

As an apartment locator, our Vhome Views enable our visitors the choice to work with us or empower their self-search and visit the property directly.

Even with in-person escorts, no unit-based commissions will be sought from the Premises Place Group on Vhome View Standard plans or above.