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Whether you're looking to get started with one, a few or several floorplans at this time, choose and purchase the best Vhome View plan for your current situation below. Getting started is quick & easy.

After Purchasing

After purchasing, you'll be directed to share floorplan & property details for us to begin setting up your account and scheduling virtual capture sessions. We'll request a point-of-contact for our team to reach out and confirm next steps.

Please choose your Vhome View plan below

Vhome View Lite
$100/mth per floorplan
- Virtual capture of the floorplan
- Quarterly analytical report updates
- Vhome View floorplan(s) included in Renter search results
Vhome View Standard
$500/mth per floorplan
All features from Vhome View Lite plus:
- Monthly analytical report updates
- One dedicated digital marketing campaign per floorplan
- Positioning to HR Partner & Recruiter Community for relocating candidates
Vhome View Premium
$800/mth per floorplan
All features from Vhome View Standard plus:
- Monthly analytics & trend reporting with property's Marketing team
- Two dedicated digital marketing campaigns per floorplan
- Customer Account Management